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Propolis is a resinous substance accumulated by the bee from different types of plants.Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
Gluten and lactose free hence suitable for vegetarian.Description
a) High potency propolis liquid
b) Rich in bioflavanoids
c) Can be drank, gargled or applied to the skin.

Heath Benefits of Valorhive  Propolis;

•Effective for bacterial, viral, yeast and fungal infections.
•Help with allergies by blocking the release of histamines
•Boosts bone health
•Fight Cancer by blocking the growth of cancer cells & causing cell death.
•Enhance tooth & oral health
•Helps with diabetes by lowering blood levels.
• Protect the liver from the toxins, injury and disease.
•Speed up wound healing by promoting skin cell rejuvenation.
•Boosts the immune system


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