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Do you have an uncontrollable and never ending craving for honey? Valorhive is your best choice.

Why Valor?

Our blends are made of 100% Kenyan organic honey, and has been certified as a NON-GMO product by the Kenya National Beekeeping Station. 

As a purely organic honey brand some of the health benefits of Valorhive honey that you are not likely to get when consuming other brands include; our honey has a high amount of antiviral and antibacterial properties which makes it the best in boosting your immune system.


With the purity of our honey, you can get a guaranteed high amount of mineral, live enzymes and essential nutrition. 

We observe a high standard of purity to ensure that whether you’re adding Valorhive honey to your tea/coffee, spreading it on some bread, adding it to a marinade …we could go on about how versatile Valorhive honey can be. Whichever way you choose to use it, one thing you are assured of is the great quality and the un-bee- lievable taste of the honey, that is unmatched. Adds a delicious, all natural sweet flavor to your next bite or sip.

Did you know? 

Valorhive honey contains :


<0.39 Proteins

<82.0 carbohydrates

<0.2 fat

<0.5 Fibre

<17.4 Moisture

<0.3 Organic Acids

<0.2 Other Compounds


Our tagline ;

Valorhive, Stay Healthy Bee You.

What Our Clients Say

Check out what our what our esteemed customers say about our  products.

Its a great product , trying to live healthy this is the product. It’s  working out for me.

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Erick Tumuti Manhattan, New York

ValorHive is  a pure natural honey .It is hard to come a cross pure natural honey products

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Issac Sese

Great quality ,highly recommend

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Joe Kabuu Saskatchewan, Canada

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